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Jewellery Design

"Women are born with hearts of gold but jewellery sets these hearts aflutter".

Since time immemorial women (and men) have had the urge to beautify adorn themselves with jewellery made of gold, silver, platinum, precious stones and pearls. The importance of jewellery designing is increasing tremendously. Concepts of jewellery design change according to religion, superstition, fashion and state of economy. This course is specially designed to train students to "create" their own design; drawing inspiration from different sources. Different techniques viz. the Indian, Americans and one followed by the Italian School of Art are taught to students to paint their own design and make attractive portfolio which can be proudly showed to prospective clients or employers. The students are trained to create design that are commercially viable and at the same time attractive. Under our guidance and experience you will be trained as a professional Jewellery designer with a class par excellence.

1. Synopsis

  1. Round Brilliant Cut
  2. Oval Brillanint Cut
  3. Marquoise Cut
  4. Pear Cut
  5. Heart
  6. Baguette

2. Different Names of These Cuts

3. Sources of Jewellery Designing

  1. NATURAL SOURCES:creating designs from nature flowers , peacock etc.
  2. HISTORICAL SOURCES: creating designs from some forms in monuments
  3. FABRICS:creating designs from forms on dresses , bed covers etc

4. Making Desings by Tracing Forms

making designs from diff motifs

5. Drawing of Cabochons & Pearls

6. Painting of Diamond, Colored Stones & Pearls With Paints, Colored Pencils & Shding Storm

7. Explanation of Yellow & white Metal

8. Different Textures of Gold.

  1. Beanten / Hammered Textured
  2. Florentine
  3. Matt / Pitted etc. .

9. Setting

  1. Prong Setting
  2. Pave Setting
  3. Bezel Setting
  4. Channel Setting

10. Drawing Shading & Explanation of Stars & Melees

  1. 0-3 cents - STAR
  2. 3-7 cents - MELEE

11. Explanation of Other Jewllery Terms Such As chadta

12. Drawing & Painting of

  1. Brooches (2)
  2. Bangles (4 stiff + 4 flexible)
  3. Earrings (6)
  4. Necklaces(4)
  5. Rings(6top +6 3/4 view)
  6. Fullset(1)
  7. Mens jewellery (1 set)

13. 4 C'S a Diamond

  1. Cut
  2. Color
  3. Clarity
  4. Carat

14. 9Percious Gems (Navratna) & Different Names (Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Pearl)

15. Pictures of Diff Clasps & Closures

16. Manufacturing Theory

17. Market Trends

18. What Suits Whom?

19. Rough Carat Weight of Jewellery PC

20. Submission of Portfolio