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Learn from Internationally accredited INSTITUTE WHERE EX STUDENTS ARE HRITIK ROSHAN, MRS SHAHRUKH KHAN , EMRAN HASHMI and many more achievers in their respective fields.

Do you have the desire to work in a field where you can use your creativity and technical abilities?
Do you have the desire to work in a field where you are enjoying every moment of it and earning a fat pay packet?
If so, then at

I CAD we offer your kind of life... Your kind of career...

If so, then a career in Computer aided design, Interior Design & I.T is meant just for you because the industry is looking for professionals who can visualize, create , integrate, Design & develop content.for these fields . We see a great opportunity for you to be a part of these industries and lead its growth. I CAD offers specialized career programs which make you part of these multibillion dollar industries and give you excellent freelance and fulltime employment prospects. .



I CAD has in illustrious past, a contemporary present and bright future, since 1993 we offer WORLD CLASS Education with Latest international curriculum in COMPUTER & INTERIOR DESIGN with INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION to thousands of successful students.

Our institute is accredited by IAO (International Accreditation Organization USA).

IAO Accreditation is benchmark for World class quality education worldwide.

Our students gets 100 % PLACEMENT / INTERNSHIP assistance in reputed companies..

We also provide computer aided DESIGN , animation, CAD for Interiors & Architectural design services to many clients in india and abroad.

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