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Here are Our World Class Computer aided DESIGN Courses:

  • Computer aided INTERIOR & ARCHITECTURAL Design
  • Interactive MULTIMEDIA
  • Computer aided FASHION Design
  • Computer aided TEXTILE Design
  • Computer aided JEWELLERY Design
  • Computer aided PRODUCT / AUTOMOBILE Design(CAD)
  • Computer aided ENGINEERING Design(CAD)
  • Computer aided accessory Design

Here are Our World Class Masters Diploma Courses:

  • Masters Diploma in 3D ANIMATION AND VFX

Here are Our World Class general computer courses

  • Computer basics
  • Computer basics and office automation
  • Accounting

Computer aided Interior & Architectural Design / CAD

In today's world of accelerating change & improvement Interior designers, architects ,civil engineers, contractors, draftsmen etc have to use tools that can enhance their over all productivity and quality to achieve their goals.,. This course is for the designers and students seeking to acquire 3D computer visualization skills. The course focuses on architectural modeling, interior modeling and 3d walk-through with advanced camera animation techniques. Learn the practical way of modeling, setting up dynamic angles, applying realistic materials and lightings. This course will teach you how to approach a 3D project in the real world of 3d modeling and animation.

Even before the foundation is put into place and before the maiden crease of paint is splashed onto the walls of a would-be structure, a whole dream structure can be created. You could create a vivid walkthrough of a construction that until now has existed only in your imagination. Thus, this course is a specially designed course that will empower you to create your dream down to the last detail replete with furnishings.

our l training courses are delivered by trainers who have practical experience of architectural and interiors drafting and modelling for actual projects.

Course Content: Creating 2D/3D drawings, perspectives, elevations, layouts, plans, views, 3D Rendered photo realistic images, walkthroughs, flythrough, architectural models, advanced detailing and documentation techniques. etc Applications: To equip architects and interior designers, civil engineers, builders, real estate people, engineer, product and industrial designers with ability to create any kind of digital design.

Digital Graphic Design: (Print)

It is a comprehensive Graphic Design course where students learn to communicate their ideas through an amalgamation of words and imagery. Students learn design fundamentals as well as study the application of various tools to create high quality layouts, graphics, color composites and renderings.

Students undertaking this program will be working in a studio based environment where they will apply their knowledge and skills in the design and development of a range of graphic design projects.

The main objective of this program is to create a high level of design competency in print and screen based software

Course Content:  Will include designing, visualizing, coloring, artwork layout, type setting, illustration, compositing, image processing, editing, digital painting, color separation, scanning, printing, etc.

Applications: This knowledge can widely be applied in designing logos, cards, brochures, posters, newspapers, catalogues, magazines, web and multimedia, Ad design, film and publicity design, hoarding design, etc.

Careers: The acquired skill-sets will make you a worthy contender in fields such as Advertising, Publishing, Graphic Designing, Web and Multimedia, Art Direction, Visualization, Graphic Consultancy, Digital Production Artist, Etc.

Digital Animation ,Composting & VISUAL FX: (TV, Video, Film & Gaming)

High tech advertising, breathtaking 3D animation & VFX in movies,television.gaming are here to stay. There has never been a more exciting time to gain entry into this world of entertainment media. The global animation industry is expected to touch $300billion in next 5 years. Our program will give you freedom to put creativity into motion. You will be able to give birth to a world never seen, creatures that have never crept, as well as special effects that have been a figment of your imagination. This course will equip you to give wings to your imagination by providing you with a sound platform from where your creativity can zip to dizzying heights.

The Visual Effects for Film and Television Program is designed to introduce students to various tools and techniques used to create visual effects for film and video. Visual Effects is much more than just pushing buttons. To create great effects for movies, television and games, you need to be an equal part visionary artist and problem-solving technician.

Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of compositing, 3D content creation and integration with live action footage We will cover a wide range of topics including particle system effects for the simulation of a wide variety of natural phenomena through high-touch, key-framed, animated secondary effects such as falling debris and collapsing super structures

Course Content:  concept of animation, illustration , image processing & digital painting, 3D design & Modeling, 3D animation, character setup ,design, skinning and animation, digital sculpting, digital liquid, hair, fur and cloth simulation , vfx etc

Applications: This training will make you highly potent in production of TV Commercials, Films VFX, Music Videos, Cartoon Films, Movies, Simulation, Architectural Walk-Throughs, Engineering Design, Virtual Reality, Gaming, Multimedia Presentation, Special Effects, Product Design, etc.

Game Art & Design : students are prepared to enter the Game Art and Design field as modelers, story board artists, animation artists, 3-D illustrators, digital artists, FX artists, video post-production artists, and broadcast graphics designers, as well as game designers. Learn what it takes to produce great art and design and use the skill to create applications used by the business, education, training and entertainment industries.

Digital Video Editing, Compositing & VX:

Non linear digital video editing is the industry standard for professionals working in TV, Film, Internet and Interactive media. Industry demand for editors has caused non linear editing to emerge as a rapidly growing profession. This course will teach you the craft of digital motion picture editing and lending special effects using latest software.

Course Content: Capture video, cut and paste, compositing, transitions, special effects and finally output to various video recorders.

Applications: This course is tailor-made to meet the industrial and students needs of presentations, movies, ad films, corporate films, documentaries, special effects, promos of movies, web casting, streaming videos, gaming, etc.

Game art and design

If you have a flair for design and are excited by new possibilities, then a career as a web designer could be for you… We tailor our web design courses to suit you, and train you to be a competitive web designer in today's market place.

Web design courses are increasingly popular as the online industry continues to grow. Nowadays most businesses have their own website and many individuals are also setting up and running Website, too. It's hard to keep track of the actual numbers, in such a dynamic environment, but a CNN report stated that there were 150 million sites. So it's no surprise that web designers are much sought after. It's one of the fastest growing job areas and the continual advance of new technology demands that skills are kept up to date. Taking a web design course with us will give you the skills you need to create professional website quickly and easily.

Course Overview

The Web Design course is designed to provide students with the marketable skills necessary to become web page designers. Using our unique project-based approach, students will be carefully led through the entire web design process, including the creation of online rich media applications . Static and dynamic websites will be built throughout the program, utilizing the most current versions of industry standard tools. Participants will also be exposed to "best practices" developed by the hottest web and interactive media designers from around the world.

Throughout the course, students will construct a number of projects including a personal, dynamic website where the content can be instantly updated. Students will be shown how to prepare line art and images for the web, words, images, sounds and video into sites. Flash sites will be created that utilize dynamic content and streaming media. The course concludes with students making  portfolio presentations to faculty Html ,,Dreamweaver , Flash, Photoshop , and Illustrator  OR COREL DRAW  will be taught and used throughout the program. Through integration of the above applications, students will develop and build a full functioning website

The course is intense and focused. It is taught and developed by industry professionals. . We are proud of the web professionals we have developed over the past many years and we welcome you to join

Course Content: using various applications students learn to design &integrate effective web based communication by understanding interface design, web page layouts, content presentation & action scripting. The key objective is to be able to develop & present a user friendly experience.

Interactive Multimedia

The latest money-spinner that seems to have hit the field of IT has definitely got to be the interactive multimedia industry. Stunning presentations / online games / impactful portfolios… its all interactive multimedia.

Whether you're interested in developing dazzling web sites, creating cool Flash games or designing interactive CD-ROMs, the new media industry offers great opportunities for people with talent, creative thinking and cutting-edge technical skills. The Interactive Design program. gives you the tools and experience you need to launch your career in the digital world

Course Content: Students here will pick-up the principles of interface design and understand the development process of interactivity. Using powerful authoring software's, students learn the art of integrating text, graphics, video, animation, effects and sound into a user-friendly interactive presentation.

Applications:  These presentations skills meet every industry needs resulting in impactful communication through DVD-ROMs, Website, product /corporate promos, e-learning, CBT's, documentaries, etc.

Creative Media Design:

This course is especially designed for students ,fresher, housewives, , executives, businessmen and professionals across the industry. I CAD’s key objective is to impart knowledge in design, creativity & apply the productive process through Computer Aided Technology in our day to day life and professional use.

Course Content: graphic design, websites ,presentations, portfolios, flash animation, , etc.

Computer aided Fashion / Textile & Jewellery Design

The tools of designers are changing. The sketch pad is being replaced by the computer monitor and the pen / brush, by the mouse. Today designers have realised that computers have considerably reduced the effort and the time they have to put into the mechanics of designs. Working with computers, allow designers to make color, pattern & texture changes with minimal fuss and efforts. Manually it is next to impossible to change the color of any design without reaching for a fresh sheet of paper.

For Fashion and Textile Designers ~ it allows the designer to work in bursts of creativity and then collate it as a whole. On the computer the designer has an access to unlimited patters, sleeves, ambroideries, textures, cuts, collars, etc. which can be used as and when required. The designer can scan any picture and then fit/try the dress on the scanned models.

For Jewellery Designers ~ ICAD specialized course offers an easy to understand design package that makes jewellery design creation fast and simple, offering various ready to use libraries including rings, cufflinks, bracelets, pendants & more. OR – draw your own creations & add stones for full rendering effects, or leave the mounting open for production. Make creative jewellery to show your customer with full rendering colors of gold, silver, platinum and stone colors – isn’t this every jewellery designers.

Computer aided PRODUCT / ENGINEERING Design (CAD)

In today's world of accelerating change & improvement the engineers, designers, technicians, draftsmen, etc, have to use tools that can enhance their overall productivity & quality to achieve their goals. It will usually allow some drafting in 2D and 3D modeling capabilities. CAM (Computer Aid Manufacturing) is completely dedicated to manufacturing. This course has been designed for those who want to gain the 3D CAD parametric modelling skills required for careers in engineering careers. If you have used AutoCAD 2D for many years in an engineering role you may now want to train in the growing 3D software area which can be used in these workplaces to transform 2D files into 3D models. We are considering the complete product design with shape, material, color texture and brand name under different lights. 

Applications: To equip engineers, technicians, draftsmen, product & industrial designers with powerful design tools to create multi-faceted design tools to create multi faceted designs.


Do you have the desire to work in a field where you can use your creativity and technical abilities? Do you have the desire to work in a field where you are enjoying every moment of it and earning a fat pay packet? If so, then a career in graphics, design,animation, vfx,gaming ,web and multimedia is meant just for you because the industry is looking for professionals who can visualize, create and integrate digital images with other media

The Digital Media design specialist program encompasses everything you need to know to launch yourself into a career involving graphic design,multimedia,webdesign,gaming,3D animation and visual effects. When you start at I CAD, the only thing you'll need to bring with you is passion, focus and vision

I CAD Digital Media Design program is designed to provide a course of study in which student can gain the ability to design in multiple media for various purposes using the latest in computer technology.



Part I

  • Digital Graphics Design (print)
  • Digital Animation (T.V, Video, Films & Gaming)
  • Digital Audio
  • Digital Video Editing & Compositing & Visual FX
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Web Design & Development
  • Portfolio

Part II

  • Advanced 3d Modeling & Animation
  • Advanced Character Design & Animation
  • Advanced Editing & Compositing
  • Advanced Visual FX
  • Portfolio (ii)

Part III

  • Animation Super Specialization & Studio Techniques.
  • Portfolio


First of the kind in India, Internationally recognized program in Advanced 3D Animation & Visual effects by senior industry professional of decade experiences India as well as abroad. This program helps you to enter in one of the fastest growing industries in Animation and Visual effect (projected to record US$ 250 Billion In next 5 years ). & Gaming (projected to record US$ 150 Billion In next 5 years ) & have great Careers in Animation, Advertising, Gaming, Post Production, Visual Effects, Film Making, Digital Stimulation etc.The course covers the complete process. of animation film making, right from the pre-production and production to the post-production stage Our curriculum has been designed by professionals, working at the top animation studios in the industry. This gives our curriculum a "real world" insight into what studios are looking for in new animation talent. At I CAD , students are mentored one-on-one by professional of diverse background. Our approach prepares students with the skills and attitude they need to take into the studio arena. allowing our students to get comfortable with the many challenges and opportunities they will experience when working in a studio environment.


Module 1 Digital Graphics : Digital Art, Design Techniques, Graphics Design, Image processing, Digital Painting, Visualization of illustration.

Module 2 Digital 3D & Character Animation : Concept of Animation, Projection View, Mapping, Lighting , Texturing, Camera, Painting, Rigging, Dynamics, Character Design & Animation.

Module 3 Digital Audio : Learn Digital Audio & Sound Editing Techniques using latest softwares.

Module 4 Advanced Digital 3D & Character Animation with special FX : Learn advanced 3d modeling, shading, lighting, effects, dynamics, camera tracking, match moving, Advanced rendering & Lighting, Using high end Rendering engine and worlds most powerful animator & visual FX software.

Module 5 Digital sculpting FX : Learn digital sculpting, create with shadows, alphas, with collection of huge palette of brushes, no of mimic materials with numerous variation.

Module 6 Digital Liquid Simulation FX : Learn spectacular effects of numerous major movies like X'men 3, Lord Of the Rings, etc…. Learn to create any kind of special effects line tornado that breaks roof apart, to a flood to a river with flower floating, to a rain storm or tsunami or anything you imagine.

Module 7 Digital Hair and Fur simulation FX : Learn to create computer generated hair, beard, moustaches using industry standard software, used in movies like King Kong, X men, Underworld etc.

Module 8 Digital cloth simulation FX : Learn to do cloth animations, seen in current 3D productions & special effects sequences in features films and commercials using industry standard software's used in Harry Potter, Batman Begins, Poseidon etc

Module 9 Digital Enviroment Creation FX : Learn to create and edit extremely rich and realistic natural Environment, scenery & seamlessly blend them with natural scenes and animation.

Module 10 Digital Composting & Visual FX : Learn to create worlds most celebrated visual FX from the most powerful Composting software used by choice of Oscar winning effects artists to create convincing photo realistic Hollywood caliber visual effects of desktop.

Final Portfolio / show Reel : Create portfolio of your work with finalized shots, complete lightings, rendering, visuals effects, & Composting and produce final cut of your reel.

Bsc./BA Degree in Graphics/animation/VFX/Multimedia

Have you finished your 10+2 ? 

Are you looking for a Bachelor Degree in Animation and Multimedia?

Are you looking for the best Placement Assistance after your Degree in Animation and Multimedia? Now, Join India’s most popular and best degree of Animation and Multimedia, B.Sc. in Animation and Multimedia with us.

B.Sc. in Animation and Multimedia is the University Affiliated 3 year multimedia and animation degree which you can join after your 12th class. Even if you are a Science / Commerce or Arts student. Yes. You are eligible from all the streams.

What is Bsc. Degree Program in Multimedia & Animation? The course focuses on all key areas of multimedia, animation & design, leading to an in depth understanding of 3D Animation & Visual Effects. The eligibility requirement to the course is 10+2. Students, enrolling for this course, will have access to world class facilities at I CAD .

Duration : 3 Years & 2 years(lateral entry)

Eligibility : Those who have completed HSC/ 10+2 from any stream, or any diploma in Multimedia from any recognized university or completed any degree are eligible to apply Candidates awaiting their 10+2, Diploma or Degree results may also apply.

About MSc in animation and multimedia (POST Graduation degree ) course

MSc. Degree in graphics ,Animation and multimedia is a specialized course of 3 years where a student is exposed to all facets of the industry. He learns all the latest Subjects in graphic design, web, multimedia, animation and visual effects, editing and composting.

M.Sc. in Animation Multimedia

Program Highlights

Degree : M.Sc. in Animation Multimedia ( Post Graduate Program )

Eligibility : Graduation in Arts / Commerce or Science 

Duration : 24 Months

Study Mode : Full time / Part Time/700 hours 

Introduction of the course :

M.Sc. In multimedia and animation is a most popular Post Graduation, University graphics, Animation & multimedia Course. Becoming master in art is like achieving the core skills of this art. University Animation Course as Post graduation degree in Multimedia and animation is the best options for the students looking to pursue graphic design,web  design, multimedia , animation, VFX  as their career stream. 

This University Animation Course  ( M.Sc.) will not only takes you though the higher side of advanced multimedia design but also reveals the core methods of making stunning and breath holding MULTIMEDIA  content and stuff.

Opting University Animation Course as P.G graphics, Animation & multimedia is the best option if you have finished your graduation with any stream.

Here are Our World Class University Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Graphics & Multimedia
  • Advanced Diploma in Multimedia
  • Diploma in VFX & Animation
  • Diploma in Animation
  • PG Diploma in Graphics & Multimedia
  • will provide conceptual understanding and principles of different forms of multimedia and animation. The practical subjects will cover its application in Animation, Web Designing, E-Le PG Diploma in Animation & Designing

Duration : 1 Year

Program : Overview

These courses enables students to gain knowledge and expertise in Multimedia, Graphics, Animation applicable in Print, Film, Broadcast and Web media. This program will enable students to take on a professional career in Computer Graphics, Web Design, E-Learning, Animation, Vfx and Gaming. The Students of this program will be able to develop an understanding of the underlying technology supporting multimedia, graphics and animation and apply advanced tools and techniques to develop content. The Program is designed to cover development framework of multimedia and animation. The coursearning, Vfx and Gaming. After successful completion of the program, students shall be awarded the degree or diploma from reputed University.

Career Opportunities :

  • Animation & Film Jobs
  • Digital Artist, Rigging Artist, Lighting Artist, Texturing Artist, Compositor
  • Digital Effects Animator
  • Digital Effects Painter
  • 3D Moderator
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Flash Animator

Television Jobs :

  • Video Editor
  • 3D Graphic Artist
  • Animator Visual Effects Supervisor